how to earn?


You will get your income from several ways and below are the illustration of your streamline income:-

Your Prime Income
You will get our Blogstarz Clickshare profits from 20% - 80% every month and will be paid in every 2 months. Anyone who joined as a Blogger will get their share. The profit comes from affiliating activities such as Pay Per Impression (PPI), Click (PPC), Sale (PPS), View (PPV) and Lead (PPL) with advertisers and Ads by BlogStarz.

Your First Income
You will have a blog that can promote your Product, Services and your Thoughts in and earn income from its.

Your Second Income
2 Way SMS Programme (Info On Demand) that will be host by yourself and earn up to 25% of the SMS charges. You can held SMS promotion, Quiz, Informative or anything can blow peoples mind.

Your Third Income
You will enjoy commission from Blogger Enrollment in You will also get commission from our latest creation plan, what we call By2AutoMatch and its been created to make sure everyone in our network get their income whenever they like it to be done. If you dont understand about this plan, please ask us and we will assist you on how you can create your network whether by Manual or AutoMatch.