Blogstarz  F.A.Q.

  BlogStarz F.A.Q      

1. What is BlogStarz all about?

BlogStarz provide complete tools to develop a blogsite where you can generate incomes automatically. Its surely easy and very convenience. If you are new to blog.

2. What is Classified?

This is where you can find latest ads listings entered by our bloggers. To advert, you must be one of the blogger.

3. What is YellowPages?

This is where you can find blog by category listings entered by our bloggers. To publish your business, you must be one of the blogger.

4. What is BlogStarz Blogger Ranking?

This is where you can find the highest ranking in our bloggers network. It based on how many hits visit activity in the blogsite.

. How much is the fee?

Only RM99.00 per unit and you will get 5 ads lot credit, 50 BulkSMS credit, 1 Keyword Reverse SMS, Blog System. Only one time payment. You can choose other packages

. Can i purchase more credit for Ads and BulkSMS?

Yes, Just contact us or you can buy using your bonus directly.

. How is the paid blogger account activation done?

Your membership account will be activated within maximum 48 hours after the payment is confirmed received in complete. Please fax or email your payment slip into our FAX +603-9284 9977 or email to Please write your usename, name and IC no.

7. How do I get the bonus payment?

You can withdraw your bonus in condition that  you have a minimum of RM100.00 bonus as the withdrawal charge is RM2.00. You are compulsory to leave RM20 in your current account. We will bank in to your bank account twice a month on 1st and 15th.

8. Do BlogStarz help us to get new bloggers?

No, you must get new blogger at your own initiatives, anyway we have our unique program call By2Automatch that will help you earning in this program. Its will depend on overall program performance.

How do I know when I got pre registered blogger member?

You will be informed by email immediately when every new registration coming in to your network. You should sometimes check your bulk folder in case BlogStarz's email is in your spam folder.

10. How many accounts can I register in this program?

You can register as many as you want to maximize your bonus by registering your next id onwards under the previous one and place your new Blog Center under right placement for By2AutoMatch.

11. Does BlogStarz allows you to refer more than 10 peoples directly?

Yes you can refer unlimited peoples directly and do placement at your own. Please contact your immediate bloggers mentor that refer you to this program for better guide.

12. What are the payment tools provided?

Currently as the beginning, we provide Cheque, Money Order, Postal Order, Online Banking and also Offline Banking transaction. Any new methods will be updated regularly. More,
click here or you can contact us at 03-9285 9977.

13. Do you provide any technical support?

Yes, we provide online help library through our
help center.

. What is ClickShare profit sharing?

Clickshare profit sharing is the program that we offer to our bloggers depending on their membership ranking up to 80%, the profit will come from advertisement activites in every blogsite and blogstarz portal. Payout will be every 15th of the month. Its will based on overall performance of the program.

. What is By2AutoMatch?

1st in the world, It is a unique program whereby we will make sure you can earn through this program automatically. Its calculated based on matched blog center placement in A & B group. It also based on overall program performance.

16. SMS Keyword

SMS keyword is the keyword you can use to conduct a SMS contest, quiz, auction and information.

17.  Bulk SMS ID

Its an ID to represent sender ID when you sent out Bulk SMS from our system.

18. When I'm upgraded to Paid Blogger member do I have a link to promote BlogStarz?

Yes. You will get a subdomain as your link without WWW for your promotion tools. Every new blogger that register from your link will be your network blogger. Make sure you have a great blogsite that can attract people.

19. Do BlogStarz conducting Internet Investment, MLM or Quick Rich Scheme? Totally NO. BlogStarz do not have maintainance system or products. Bloggers only pay for the services like (Blog, BulkSMS, Reverse Charge SMS) at one time payment and no renewal fee. We only have an incentives program call affiliate system and profit sharing (NON INVESTMENT) where the bloggers display the ads at their site.

20. What is to ensure stability of the program?

We are group of Internet Expert, Specialize Blogger that backup by
5 Million Paid Up Capital Private Limited Company, TagerMedia Sdn Bhd (817142-D). Our team have more than 10 years of experience in internet industry and well known high scale software developer company in Malaysia.